How it works?

At Iness, we realize that design is a to-and-fro engagement – you want to actually select the collection from top designers, identify something you like, interact with the designer, get customizations done – and then, and only then, will you want it. We bring the real hands on design experience online:

  • We have sourced collections from top designers worldwide. Each design is marked as available only “As-is” or as “Customizable” by the designer himself or herself.

  • Once the designs are live, you can browse through them.

  • Once you find the item you like:

    • If its only available only 'As-is' – you select your size and click on the 'Add to Cart' button.

    • If the design has been marked as 'Customizable':

      • You can either select and 'Add to Cart' if you want it exactly as it is, or

      • You can click on 'Express Interest' to initiate the process of customization for it.

        • We ask you to login (if you are not logged in already) & fill in a few of your basic details.

        • One of our team members calls in to understand your requirements, and then puts you across to the original designer.

        • You then work with the designer directly to understand the customization options – and end up a mutually agreed final design drawing & cost.

        • The designer then informs us, when we send you the invoice for Payment. You can make the payment by any secured means as you wish PayPal, Visa Credit or Debit, Master card.

  • The designer initiates fabrication on communication of our payment completion.

  • Now we put the spell on for your wish and fabricate the pumpkin to your dream dress and ship to you on our magic carpet. No – just kidding. More seriously, we ship the final stitched & fabricated design over to you!