Designer FAQs

Why Iness?

  1. I'm a little tired of having to manage my e-Commerce. Why should I go live on another site?
    • Iness is not just another e-Commerce – we look at it as a platform to enable Designers to manage their entire e-Commerce, or get someone else to do it for them! Given our linkages with major Indian & International portals, we can take your offering to all relevant sites worldwide – and to major stores & boutiques looking for exclusive bridal or festive wear. No more dealing with different excel formats, payment sheets, order SLAs – and other site nuisances. You can sit back, relax and focus on designing & making – and let us handle the rest!
  2. How's Iness different from other sites?
    • We want to bring the offline design experience to the online world, making the designer interaction the core of this experience, with:

      • Designer interaction & product customization as the first class citizen

      • Cool tech innovations such as the Virtual Trial Room

      These, we believe, will be the game changers in pushing forth e-Commerce in exclusive designer segment.

Product Offering and Customization

  1. What if I want to sell products which are non-customizable and pre-manufactured?
    • On Iness, you can showcase collection that is pre-manufactured or non-customizable. We just ask you to specify them as such when you share your product detail sheet with us. Infact, for pre-manufactured designs that are medium priced, we strongly suggest working with the Iness team to take it to all websites – and as SOR inventory model (detailed further below).

  2. What kind of customization does Iness allow customers?
    • The customizations offered by Iness is controlled by the Designer or his / her team itself. Iness acts as a conduit, putting the genuinely interested customers across to the Designer.

  3. What if customer requests customization that you as a designer do not like or do not want?
    • When we pass on a customer information to the Designer, an order hasn't been placed – the potential customer is still only a lead. It is the Designer or his / her team's discretion to accept & converge onto a customization, the pricing with the customization, and delivery time. If the Designer feels that a certain recommendation or final design does not meet his or her creative sensibilities, the Designer has the discretion to communicate so to the potential customer & choose to not go ahead.

  4. Why does Iness need the final drawings of the agreed on customized product?
    • The final drawing agreed are a proof of contract between the customer & the Designer. Iness needs it as a backup, incase there's any disagreement by the customer about what he or she has ordered.

  5. What if a customer doesn't like the product after receiving?
    • If the product is largely ok, but has minor alterable issues, Iness mediates a solution involving pickup from the customer & shipping to the Designer, to fix & send it back to the customer.
    • If the product is different from the agreed on Design and is irrepairable, the Designer must take the product back.


  1. For “As-is” products, do I order on order – or do I stock with Iness?

Iness can work in 2 stocking models:

  • Consignment or On-order basis: Wherein, Iness orders back from you whenever it receives an order. “Customizable” designers can only be on consignment model.

  • SOR basis: Wherein, we ask you to stock certain minimum stock (can even be 1 pc per design) with us. Whenever we receive an order, we dispatch it from our warehouse – allowing us to process the order faster, and thus generate more volumes.

  1. What is the advantage of doing a certain style in SOR?

SOR allows us to dispatch an order faster, and thus get much higher sales with it. Additionally, with SOR – Iness team needs it to effectively manage it, getting it on other relevant sites. We strongly suggest SOR for good business volumes.

  1. What type of products or orders should I put in SOR?

We recommend putting lower to middle range fast moving styles in SOR. Plus, rotation or return of non-moving styles can take upto 2 – 3 months – so please be sure that you're ok with returns in that duration.

Payment terms

  1. When do I get paid for orders shipped?

Our typical payment terms are 30 + 7 days – ie a reconciliation statement is sent to you every month, by 7th of the month for products sold in the previous month. This applies even to the SOR orders – i.e., payment is for the products sold by Iness, not those that are with Iness but not yet moved. The payment terms discussed with you maybe different though.