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About Iness

As Triveni, we have attempted to become synonymous with Indian ethnic wear worldwide. We now introduce you to Iness- our new designer only portal through which we can take our association to the next level.

We truly believe that true fashion is about expressing one's identity - which typically is a collaborative exercise between a designer's collection, bringing in the buyer's personalization preferences into it. is an exclusive marketplace for designers – where in we offer to manage the entire e-retail for designers, through Triveni's linkages with other websites & worldwide stores. brings in customization & a chance for buyers to interact closely with designers during their product sign off, before it is crafted. We believe this will notch up the Designer collection e-commerce like never before.

Here's what we believe will be standout for Iness: that we'll bring the offline designer - buyer experience online, incorporating the designer design & customization process into our website workflow. The way this works is as follow:

  • Designers mention that certain designs are 'Customizable' or they are sold to be sold 'As-is' in design.

  • When users see these products on the website, users - if they are logged in - see an option to "Express Interest" in a design.

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  • We call up the users to verify if they are genuinely interested. This requires certain questions to be asked.

  • If they pass the test, we pass these leads to the designer's team - so that together they can work on the design finalization. We facilitate these set of calls / coordination through our system.

  • Once the design drawing is finalized between the designer team & the potential customer, we are again informed - and we take over the communication again then.

  • We send the customer invoice.

  • Customers make the payment.

  • We inform the designers so that they start the fabrication.

  • Designers ship the design to us - which we ship again to the customers.

And this is not just it. We love cutting edge technology - our upcoming technology features also include a Virtual Trial room (see what the product looks like you online!) & even a feature to find designs similar to something you may have!